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I highly recommend ordering one of my nail sizing kits in order to get the absolute perfect fit for your set of nails. 

I purchase all of my gel nails from one company, their nails all run the same size or extremely close so you you should only need to purchase one sizing kit from me which i’ll keep your sizes on record for future orders.

Directions: You will receive a full range of sizes for the shape & length you ordered, all you need to do is try them on each finger, find your perfect fit, write down the number that fits you on each spot on the card that comes with your set, take a photo of it and send it to me @ the email address provided on the card ( thedevilwears.sizing ) OR a DM on insta (@thedevilwearspressons), make sure you include your name and preferably your order # so I can match them with your order.

When you order a sizing kit along with your set of Press-Ons, I will send your sizing kit out to you ASAP so you can get your sizes emailed back to me, then I can start hand-making your beautiful set of nails! :)


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